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New Software

New Software Vithas Xanit International Hospital installs new software guaranteeing a maximum level of safety and quality in Radiotherapy treatment

Vithas Xanit International Hospital, belonging to the Vithas Healthcare Group has introduced new, quality control software for Radiotherapy treatment, allowing treatment to be monitored at the time it is given to the patient.

“Until now a dose check was performed on the first day of radiotherapy treatment, to check that the dose calculated in a virtual model corresponded to reality. This new software allows the accuracy of calculations to be verified on the spot, whilst the patient is being treated. This is a step forward in treatment quality, as it allows minimal variations in the dose applied to be detected and corrected,” explains Dr Francisco Manzano, Head of the Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Department.

The software which was presented at the last annual congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection in Girona, monitors the treatment of the patient in situ, directly measuring more than 250 relevant parameters from the accelerator every 50 milliseconds. More than 400,000 parameters are recorded, analysed and verified during each session, as a result each patient has millions of parameters verified throughout treatment. This ensures the accurate use of advanced techniques guaranteeing quality of treatment.

“At Vithas Xanit International Hospital’s Radiology Department we have used the most advanced Radiotherapy techniques for some time, including IMRT and Arcotherapy, which ensure the dose of radiotherapy is only applied to tumour tissue, respecting adjacent healthy tissue as much as possible. The complex techniques involve dynamic movements of the accelerator and of the radiation fields, optimising the distribution of the treatment dose to the tumour and avoiding risk to organs. The use of this new software adds another level to the quality control of our treatments, ensuring the total reproducibility of the dose,” adds Dr Manzano.

“The software has been designed by our hospital’s Medical Physics and Radiation Protection Department and is based on the connectivity of the equipment and the analysis of metadata using matrix mathematics. This then provides graphic reproduction of radiation fluence maps and analysis of the position, speed and acceleration of each component.” The specialist adds, “the launch of certain simulated fields, also designed at our facility, enable the software to detect tiny variations in parameters, being able to predict the failure of leaf motors in advance and even the need for cleaning of some components."

The use of advanced treatment techniques, correct verification using phantoms prior to the actual treatment, and parameterization of each component throughout the patient's treatment ensure the safety and quality of radiotherapy to the highest degree, taking full account of international standards and certification. 

The Vithas promise: accredited quality healthcare, personal and long-term service

The Vithas Group is the leading healthcare provider amongst those with 100% Spanish capital. Every year it cares for more than 4,500,000 patients in its 19 hospitals and 26 specialised centres, Vithas Salud. The 45 centres are distributed throughout Spain, in Alicante, Almería, Castellón, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Lleida, Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Tenerife, Vigo, Valencia and Vitoria-Gasteiz. In the Balearics the Vithas Group has a strategic agreement with the leading hospital group in the region, the Juaneda healthcare network, consisting of 5 hospitals and a wide network of medical centres.  Vithas also has a diagnostic laboratory, Vithas Lab, with more than 300 specimen collection points.

The Vithas hallmark is internationally accredited, healthcare provision with individual service. Its shareholders, Goodgrower, who control 80% of the capital and “la Caixa” group, who control the remaining 20%, are strongly committed with a long term vision.

With a growth model based on geographical diversification and sustainability, Vithas plans to strengthen its presence on a national level through organic growth and acquisition.


About Vithas Xanit International Hospital

Vithas Xanit International Hospital’s (www.xanit.es) team of personnel is made up of more than 780 professionals, the hospital’s 13,000 m2 are distributed over 5 floors providing 106 individual rooms. Vithas Xanit Limonar in Malaga is a medical specialities centre which offers patients the latest technology and the most innovative techniques and protocols in Radiotherapy and Oncology Medicine and includes an outpatient department with oncology related specialities. Xanit also has another Medical Specialities Centre, Xanit Fuengirola, where the Xanit medical team continue to offer the same high quality care.


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