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CAT Foundation certification (08/01/2018).

The Haematology Department at Vithas Xanit successfully renews its CAT Foundation certification, guaranteeing quality and excellence in all transfusion-related procedures. This hospital is the only private hospital with this accreditation in Andalusia

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New Software (24/11/2017).

Vithas Xanit International Hospital installs new software guaranteeing a maximum level of safety and quality in Radiotherapy treatment. The system was presented at the last annual congress of the Spanish Society of Radiation Protection and Medical Physics which took place in Girona

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5th anniversary Vithas (21/11/2017).

On its 5th anniversary, Vithas has consolidated its position as the leading private healthcare group of those with 100% Spanish capital

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Replaces iodine contrast with CO2 (14/11/2017).

For the first time in the province of Malaga, Vithas Xanit replaces iodine contrast with CO2, obtaining X-ray images of similar quality, with no damage to kidney function.

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Experience Hyperbaric Chamber (08/11/2017).

Vithas Xanit will be participating in the 15th Congress of the Andalusian Society of Hypertension and Vascular Risk

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Saliva tests (03/11/2017).

Saliva tests provided by Vithas Xanit’s Dental Department reduce the development of tooth decay in children by 80%. The test identifies characteristics in the patient's saliva affecting their predisposition to developing tooth decay, thus enabling its prevention

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Andalucia Executive Awards (31/10/2017).

Mercedes Mengíbar receives an award in recognition of her professional career during the 12th edition of the Andalucia Executive Awards. The Managing Director of Vithas Xanit has been recognised for her vast experience in hospital management

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Integrated Oncology Seminar (31/10/2017).

Vithas Xanit participates in integrated oncology seminar. The day will be coordinated by Dr Emilio Alba, Director and Scientific Advisor of the Vithas Xanit Oncology Institute, and one of the speciality’s most important national and international experts.

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Optimistic Awards (11/10/2017).

Vithas Xanit receives the top award in the catogories "Medical centers" and "Positive Managing Director" in the Optimistic Awards. The objective of these national awards is to contribute to improvements in healthcare by encouraging projects which help in creating positive surroundings

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Use Protective Sunglasses (22/09/2017).

Specialists at Vithas Xanit provide a few suggestions to protect your eyes from the sun.

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